ConSysTec - A leader in applying systems engineering to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)


A DBE/MBE certified firm



Systems Engineering

At ConSysTec, nearly everything we do involves the use of the Systems Engineering process.

The Systems Engineering process provides a structured methodology for managing complex systems used in the ITS field and our staff is highly qualified in the practice of Systems Engineering. All projects involve risk. However, ConSysTec helps our clients navigate the Systems Engineering process, reducing the risk involved in the project while adhering to FHWA and FTA policies.


ITS Architectures

As an industry leader in the development of regional and statewide ITS architectures, ConSysTec is proud to have played a key role in developing ITS architectures for over 90 regions, states and countries.

Our specialty is working for the public and private sectors to develop interoperable and multimodal ITS architectures. We will rapidly and accurately develop stakeholder consensus-based ITS architectures that are usable.


ITS/CV Standards

ConSysTec plays an active role in the area of ITS and CV Standards and is a recognized industry leader. We have led the development, or, have been involved in, the development of most of the key ITS Standards in the past decade, including for Connected Vehicles (CV).

We actively participate on many of the working groups of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) related to ITS/CV standards, including the NTCIP Joint Committee, NTCIP working groups, SAE V2X Technical Committee and ISO TC 204.


Transit Data

ITS standards are not restricted to highways. ConSysTec encourages Transit (bus and rail) operators to conform to data standards to achieve institutional and technical integration. For example, transit schedule data takes many forms: service schedules, planning data, real time information, fare data, and more.

Our transit practice is built around sharing transit related data and information among transit agencies, and between transit agencies and consumers.


ITS Training

Understanding ITS Architecture, ITS Standards, and Systems Engineering can be a daunting task.

That’s why ConSysTec has developed a comprehensive training program that focuses on helping clients and government better these complex methodologies.

We have developed numerous training courses from online training courses to one-time customized in-person training.

Excellence. Service. Respect. Values we put into every project.

About Us

Consensus Systems Technologies Corporation (ConSysTec) is a DBE / MBE / SBE certified firm founded in 2001. At that time, the USDOT has just enacted the Final Rule and FTA Policy on ITS Architectures and Standards. This rule required the development of regional ITS architectures within four years for regions using federal funding for ITS projects.


Our Company

ConSysTec is a leader in applying systems engineering to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with specialties in ITS Standards and ITS Architectures. We develop Concept of Operations, Requirements documents, and Verification and Validation Plans for ITS projects.

Because of our leadership and participation in the development of the US DOT's National ITS Architecture and US ITS Standards, we have extensive expertise and experience that gives us a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and institutional issues associated with the development and deployment of regional ITS planning, as well as, deploying ITS technology solutions.


Our Approach

At ConSysTec, our staff is charged with approaching every single project we work on, to use the three core values which guide us. They are:

Excellence in everything we do. We do the best possible work at all times, whether the effort is big or small.

Service to our Customers. All of our work is centered around meeting the goals and objectives of our customers.

Respect to all Individuals. We look past differences in opinion to bring a consensus to the outcome of every project.

Hosted Architectures

The following are hyper-linked ITS Architectures that have been developed by ConSysTec. Most ITS architectures are hosted on ConSysTec's website, although some are web pages that are found on our clients' websites but which were developed by ConSysTec. Click on any of the links below.