ITS Architecture Services

ConSysTec is the industry leader in the development of regional/ statewide ITS architectures, with over 75 ITS architectures to our credit. We have pioneered methods of developing and representing ITS architectures that have delighted our many customers. Our work, based on Turbo Architecture, is documented on this website, and allows intuitive access to use regional ITS architectures (in capital planning and project deployment) for stakeholders with either little or extensive background in ITS.

Our specialty is working for the public and private sectors to develop interoperable and multimodal ITS architectures. We will rapidly and accurately develop stakeholder consensus-based ITS architectures, and also identify applicable standards or provisional standards. Within the United States, we develop regional ITS architectures that conform to the U.S. National ITS Architecture. As part of our standard ITS architecture services, we will develop a website to host ITS architectures. Our recent websites also provide a link between programmed ITS projects (for example, projects in a TIP) and how those ITS projects are represented in the ITS architecture, satisfying 3.5 of the 7 minimum systems engineering analysis requirements portions of in FHWA Rule 940.11/FTA Policy.

Customized Websites

arch sites

In addition to documenting ITS architectures in both Turbo Architecture and as Architecture documents, ConSysTecís signature is our ITS Architecture websites. Our websites are designed to make it easy for stakeholders to review and use the architecture. The websites are designed so stakeholders can easily view only those parts of the architecture applicable to them.

Our architecture/ architecture websites revolve around the creation of customized service package diagrams. Customized service package diagrams take the service packages defined in the US National ITS Architecture, and apply them to each specific ITS architecture. Instead of just looking at a list of tables defining interfaces between ITS elements, users can visually see the communication flows occurring between ITS subsystems in relation to a specific ITS service. This makes it easier to use the ITS architecture in the ITS project planning process, and to validate that the architecture perfectly represents the regional framework for ITS communications.

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Why ConSysTec

ConSysTecís two principals have been key members of the US National ITS Architecture Team since its inception, and remain key members to this day. By observing the evolution of the National ITS Architecture over the past twenty years, ConSysTec is well versed in the nuances and latest trends in ITS Architectures.

Having developed over 75 ITS Architectures throughout the United States and Internationally, ConSysTec is familiar with the typical challenges involved in the process. Our experience allows us to meet these challenges, using proven approaches and out of the box thinking. From this, we are able to create highly customized ITS Architectures that are usable by regional stakeholders in all stages of planning ITS projects.